Contents No.1, vol.66, 2024


Therapeutic aspects of mesenchymal stems cells in medulloblastoma
therapy: A review of the current knowledge

Amir Modarresi Chahardehi, Mahdi Khorsand Ghaffari, Maryam Ashrafi,
Reyhaneh Honardoost, Aryan Rezaee, Faezeh Jamshidi Goharrizi,
Haniyeh Ghahremanpouran


Analysis of Eye Movements Reveals Longer Visual Saccades and
Abnormal Preference for Social Images in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Marián Špajdel

Socio-demographic factors and different internet-use patterns have different impacts
on internet addiction and entail different risk profiles in males and females

Roberto Truzoli, Valentina Biscaldi, Eleonora Valioni, Stella Conte,
Cecilia Rovetta, Giovanni Casazza

The impact of protective psychological factors on teachers in remote
teaching activities under stress conditions. A preliminary study

Roberto Truzoli, Andrea Bertucci, Laura Vismara, Stella Conte