Contents No.1, vol.63, 2021


Heart memory or can transplanted heart manipulate recipient´s
brain control over mind body interactions?

Ján Lakota, Fedor Jagla, Oľga Pecháňová


Benefits of well-being therapy in out-patients with anxiety
disorders and in a non-clinical population

Antonio D’Ambrosio, Cecilia D’Ambrosio

Visuospatial asymmetries for behavioral judgments and eye
scanning patterns in the landmark task depend on horizontal
and vertical stimulus alignment

Emel Güneş, Erhan Nalçacı, Mutlu Erdoğan, Evrim Gökçe, Fikret Arı

Therapeutic and supervision relationship in cognitive
behavioral supervision

Jan Prasko, Darius Dicevicius, Marie Ociskova, Jakub Vanek, Milos Slepecky, Ilona Krone, Marija Abeltina, Lina Bagdonaviciene

The Long-Term Sex-Specific Effects of Sub Chronic Prenatal
Asphyxia on miR-15b-5p and miR-124-3p Levels in Limbic
System of Rats and Possible Connection with Regulation
of GABA-ergic System

Peter Štefánik, Viktória Vanková, Lucia Olexová, Zuzana Dzirbíková, Michaela Piešová, Romana Koprdová, Mojmír Mach