Contents No.3-4, vol.62, 2020


Polyphenols and cognitive pathophysiology: Potential relationships to health and lifestyle?

Fedor Jagla, Olga Pechanova


Outcome of antidepressant therapy in affective disorders comorbidity in infiammatory bowel diseases (IBD): Clinical results and psychometric variables after one year of treatment

Riccardo L. Zanello, Cecilia Bertarelli, Benedetta Grancini, Monica F. Bosi, Nicolaja Girone, Giovanni Maconi, Roberto Truzoli, Bernardo M. Dell’Osso, Caterina A. Viganò

Mozart’s music between predictability and surprise: results of an experimental research based on electroencephalography, entropy and Hurst exponent

Maria Laura Manca 1,2, Enrica Bonanni 1, Michelangelo Maestri 1, Luca Costabile 2, Francesca Agnese Prinari 3, Vladimir Georgiev 2,4,5, Gabriele Siciliano

Worldwide patterns in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias prevalence from 1900 to 2017: Trend analysis

Nasrin Borumandnia, Hamid Alavi Majd, Naghmeh Khadembashi, Keyvan Olazadeh, Hojat Alaii

Analysis of the knowledge and satisfaction with applied behavior analysis as treatment for autism spectrum disorder in parents with affected, with healthy children and childless adults

Marta Cazzato, Veronica Pirola, Eleonora Piccoli, Stella Conte, Roberto Truzoli

High incidence of multiple sclerosis in the Republic of Karelia: is there effect of cold?

Liudmila Ivanovna Gerasimova-Meigal, Ilya Mihailovich Sirenev, Aleksandr Mihailovich Sergeev, Galina Yurjevna Ivanova, Petr Olegovich Orlov, Aleksandr Yurjevich Meigal

Changes in personality factors, locus of control and creativity after a Theater-therapy intervention. Preliminary data

Stella Conte, Evelina Sanna, Eleonora Piccoli, Veronica Pirola, Roberto Truzoli